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Which one is 3D & which one is real?

Cornerstones Accessibility: In all of the services listed, what sets us apart is our ability to meet your needs by being available weekends and weekday evenings. Whether it's an important phone call, or meeting, you won't have a problem contacting us at all times.

Site Inspections pertaining to: Investigating any and all structural issues, water penetration, structural damage, functionality, code enforcement, accessibility, etc.

Consultations pertaining to: Architectural Design, functionality and accessibility, Structural Design and integrity, Insurance claims, Construction cost and analysis, Budget cost analysis regarding architectural projects. New green technologies for residential and commercial projects. Building Code consultation.

3D Color Renderings: Which is included in all of our design projects, whether residential or commercial. The only exception would be for a very small predefined project where design is not needed and only sealed construction documents are needed.

Design Meetings: One of the big ways that Cornerstone helps is by being able to evaluate whether or not your project is affordable. Before you financially commit to something that you may have to scale down, or hold off on building due to this tough economy, call us. You would be surprised how low our fees are compared to what we bring to a design meeting. We provide 3D CAD that will show you exactly what you can expect before it's built. We analyze every possible angle and view it all in realistic color. Square footage is produced in real time when a wall is changed and you can easily evaluate the cost of the project that moment. Want to change a window size or door swing? That can be done in seconds right in front of your eyes.

Residential Design: From large custom luxury homes to small additions, and detached structures, we do it all. Have a specialty project that is unique, call us out, we'll help you out. Want to add a large addition to your home, and completely rework the interior of the home to make it much more functional and efficient, call us out and we can help guide you through that process. You want to put a new door in the exterior wall, that's not too small and you're going to need a sealed drawing for that small project? Call us. For a low fee we can have that out to you within a day turn-around. Bathroom addition, Kitchen remodel, Master bed and bath? No problem. We can design those in any way you desire and have your architectural plans ready in no time at all.

A.D.A. Accessibility for our Veterans and people in need: One of our pleasures is supporting the troops and disabled in any way possible. One of those ways is to redesign a residential or commercial facility to aid in making that person with needs as comfortable as possible. We've had the pleasure to design for our veterans that have sacrificed so much and make their homes livable again under very trying circumstances. If you're one of those persons that could benefit from these services we're just a phone call away.

Commercial Design: If you are remodeling, a Bank, Bar, Hotel, Cafe', Restaurant, Coffee shop, Book Store, Strip Center, Church, Retail Store, Apartment Unit, Condominiums, or Office then we're the ones to call.

After the Fact Permit: What is that you might ask? Well, have you started to build an unpermitted project? Has a building inspector issued you a citation ordering you to stop all building until you hire a licensed Architect? If so you have very little time to act or your fines will increase after your time line has expired. The Government requires a licensed Architect to properly evaluate your project and produce a set of construction documents advising you of proper code and structural needs, then submit them for a building permit. We understand the urgency and will get those construction documents generated at a very reasonable fee and ready well within the time needed if you notify us as soon as you get the citation. If you need an extension we can help with that as well.

Construction Documents, Signed and Sealed ready for permit: Are you a client that does not need any design and is completely ready to have construction documents generated by an architect? If so we're here and ready to provide them for you at a very reasonable rate with a attention to detail and a fast turnaround. Our plans pass 100% of the time. Sometimes you may have a project that has a heavy code burden, that may require a face to face consultation with the Building Officials. We'll be glad to assist you in such a meeting and work well with the Building Departments to make sure you’re under compliance and your project gets passed through. If we get a comment or comments marked on our plans, it's no extra charge, we cover that in our very reasonable fee. That's the kind of service we know you're looking for, and that's what we provide. Permitting can be tough, but with our help we can make the process easier.

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